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Thishiwe Ziqubu Clan Totem

ngonyama (ŋɡóː ɲyáː ma) [Zulu] 1. lion 2. clan name of the Ziqubu
capital (kap′ət ‘l)
1. metropolis 2. wealth used to create more wealth

Ngonyama Kapital is a television and film production company based in Johannesburg.

Forging a unique identity as an innovative leader of the pack, Ngonyama Kapital tells moving human tales and authentic African stories with global impact and popular appeal.

Ngonyama Kapital aims towards growth as a storytelling force, igniting the minds of contemporary society, employing narrative in navigating the past, present and future to explore the human condition.

Ngonyama Kapital seeks to employ cinematic initiatives to play a role in uplifting Africa’s economy and creating not only monetary but also social and spiritual wealth as art is employed as a tool to interrogate and better oneself and society.

Also offering content development services for production and multimedia companies, Ngonyama Kapital specializes in creative research, copywriting, scriptwriting and script editing facilities with the aim towards creating richer narrative development for television and film.

Ngonyama Kapital has collaborated on content and story development with production companies such as Fireworx Media and Don Quixote Media Associates.

Ngonyama Kapital is in the development stages of Custodians of the Ena, an urban fantasy drama series, as well as two feature films – A Strange Force, an African female superhero origin story and Zania’s Thorns, a contemporary love-in-war fiction dealing with a complex mother-daughter relationship.  

Managing Director Thishiwe Ziqubu has written, produced and directed three short films and is an experienced story developer, scriptwriter and award-winning actress.