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ngonyama (ŋɡóː ɲyáː ma) [Zulu] 1. lion 2. clan name of the Ziqubu
capital (kap′ət ‘l)
1. metropolis 2. wealth used to create more wealth

Ngonyama Kapital is a television and film production company under the directorship of Thishiwe Ziqubu. Ngonyama Kapital is based in Johannesburg

Ngonyama Kapital recently co-produced the four-part mini-series Emoyeni with Fireworx Media. The show was commissioned by the leading South African broadcaster, SABC 1.  

Forging a unique identity as an innovative leader of the pack, Ngonyama Kapital tells compelling human tales and authentic African stories with global impact and popular appeal.

Ngonyama Kapital aims towards growth as a storytelling force, employing cinematic narrative in navigating the past, present and future to explore the human condition.

Ngonyama Kapital is in the developmental stages of Custodians of the Ena, an urban fantasy drama series, as well as two feature films – Stellar Collision a tragic love-in-fantasy story, and A Strange Force, an African female superhero origin story.