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Guidance for the creative: The diffusion of polarity

Lex LaFoy | Creative | BSocSci (psych.phil)


maxresdefaultFor the past couple of weeks I’ve had a recurring lesson push itself in my face. I didn’t see its all-encompassing range till I connected the dots. I finally get what J Cole meant (by my personal interpretation) when he said “There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success”. These are two sides of the very same thing.

I asked to be a more integrated, whole being,  and this is what I’m learning… The coming together and unification of my parts is the diffusion of polarity. I’ve always known with great blessings come great challenges, yet I hadn’t seen this pattern as recurring or all applicable, till now. In the same week I reached the pinnacle of my new Self, and expanded 10 000 fold having featured in my first proper video, is the same week I fell apart emotionally a few days later,  at the request to be part of a harem of women. Yes, to officially be one of many. Now I’m all for honesty, and I appreciate this person’s honesty from the start, yet I felt personally attacked regarding my value.

This event turned out extremely positive for me in that it showed me how much I’d grown. Because truth be told – that person always treated me as his one of many. And previously I was OK with it. But it had been a while since we saw each other, and my appalled response was a sign to show me how much I’d grown in myself. To the point where, what I once found acceptable I no longer did (Having fallen in love with myself, I am now fully aware that I set the standard for the love I am and attract).

So in the same week I shot my video, a few days later, I fell apart emotionally. Did I expect the challenge not to come? Did I expect the good to reign forever devoid of down or sad times?  Yes. And it was my false expectation that hurt me.

My great lesson this season is to accept the good with the bad. Knowing the Creator/ Universe is working ALL things together for my good, means my perception of what is ‘bad’ is also being used to chisel, strengthen and refine me. To bring out the strength I know is within, and put it to use.

Blessings will and do come, yet the dark will also want its shine. It is by the will, strength and determination of my mind that I am able to see beyond the dark clouds- to the eternal sunshine of the ever-present sun.

As I’m learning to embrace the light with the dark, the good with the bad, the blessing with the challenge, such oversight assists me in moving forward. Knowing it won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. It’s worth every tear, every sacrifice, every moment alone and every hour practicing and improving.

Say it with me…

The Universe sees me. I am doing great

– Light & Love, Rap & Honey … Lex xx

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