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Guidance for the Creative – Part 4: Servicing Our Dreams


Exploring new places simultaneously means exploring new parts of ourselves. Each new adventure we embark on reveals new strengths and capabilities we were not previously aware of. Our dream life often mirrors our wake life consciousness, like psychedelic experiences lead the seeker in areas of interest already invested in.


Being a lucid dreamer (being aware of oneself in the dream) is an ability carried through the conscious experience into the subconscious, because it is through conscious repetition we program and enable our subconscious powers.  Pretty much like the 2006 fantasy comedy Click where Adam Sandler plays a man living a mundane life who discovers a universal remote that allows him to rewind, fast forward and edit certain scenes in his life (thus making it ‘magical’ and exciting). Through repetitively fast-forwarding through family conversations and dinners, he soon discovers the remote has an auto-function based on his repeatedly used functions. Soon he misses the meaning and value from his family life as the remote automatically fast forwards through them, much to his dismay.


As someone who lives their wake state consciously aware, you are thus able to experience your dream states consciously. Meaning you are able to make decisions, explore, enquire, conversate and think while in your dream.

Instructing a young lady I mentor to get herself two books, brought me to clarify these distinctions myself.  I asked her to start a dream journal and a vision book. The difference being: a dream journal is where you record your dreams experienced when asleep and a vision book is where you record and explore your goals, ideas and dreams in your wake state (at this point you may be slightly obscured with the ambiguity of ‘dreams’ and ‘dreams’. Great! You’re in the right place). As you consciously record and explore these feelings, ideas and thoughts, you are better able to read into them, making you more receptive to messages, inspiration and guidance through multi-realms, such as experienced during sleep.


Going where you’ve never gone before, doing things you hadn’t done, you open yourself up to not only conscious but also subconscious newness- this feeding your spirit/soul gives you content/hype otherwise known as inspiration.  As mentioned in a book titled African Psychology in Historical Perspective and Related Commentary (Daudi Ajani ya Azibo), a contributing writer explains ‘boredom’ or repetitively disruptive encounters are a sign confirming you’ve completed the circle and need newness and/or you haven’t concluded the lesson. The psyche is saying ‘I’ve done this ‘ or ‘I’ve been here’ or ‘I know this now…what next?’, as it is the individual who sets the pace as to how much he or she learns, knows and discovers.

As someone in service to my calling, dream and purpose, I feel like I’m a contestant on a game adventure show, collecting rewards and clues to the next as I go along. Dedication to your calling/dream/purpose is also a dedication to newness and adventure: acknowledging the need to consistently refresh, evolve and enter new data. Yes, opening one’s Self up to all this newness and change can be scary, yet there’s so much to be gained and achieved on the other side of fear. As a creative, new content is drawn from new experiences, and so it is required of you to consistently seek new challenges and knowledge. Do not fear the unknown, for everything you currently know was once unknown too. Learning doesn’t end in school. School doesn’t end in grade 12 or graduation. Life does not end in death.


Now say it with me: I choose love over fear. In every decision and micro – decision. I choose love, for myself, my loved ones and my purpose.


  • Light & Love, Rap & Honey … Lex xx


Lex LaFoy
BSocSci (psych.phil)


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