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What it Means to be a Creative

Guidance for the creative by Lex LaFoy | BSocSci (psych.phil)

The reason we’re called creatives, is because we’ve chosen the path of pure creation. We choose to create and we acknowledge our role in creation and creating on the daily. Creating is making something from ‘nothing’. ‘Nothing’ is an arbitrary term. Because one could see nothing in the ground where seeds live. The realm of ‘nothingness’ is arbitrary according to dimensional sight. Because one looking at only above ground may see ‘nothing’ yet in the next few months see ‘something’.


Finding Fear’s Place: Conquering and Accepting Fear #ngonyamaforce

by Obakeng Moatshe

Two years ago while driving I made a pretty bold statemeWith each fear that has been faced, a new aspect of my self has been birthed.2nt to the universe, I said: “by the time I die I will be a fearless woman.” Now, who would even say something like that? At the time I don’t even think I truly realised the gravity of such a statement. I now know to be more careful with the things I say as my team (my spiritual team of guides, angels and ancestors) makes sure that I keep my word.

Since making this powerful statement I have been placed in situations that allow me to test my resolve in facing my fears. This hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it. With each fear that has been faced, a new aspect of myself has been birthed.

So, here are my two cents on where fear belongs.


Sabotaging Self-Sabotage… #self-love #ngonyamaforce

tigressby thishiwe ziqubu

Imagine what you could achieve if you didn’t stand in the way of your own progress. Really, think about it. What would your life look like if you were not stopping and starting, doing then doubting and just basically being a giant jerk to yourself? Imagine what would happen if you stopped sabotaging yourself.

Are you a practitioner of the destructive art of self-sabotage? We say we want to improve, to be better, stronger, healthier, fitter, more efficient, more productive. But what we do (or don’t do) says the opposite. (more…)

Acing your Personal Game

By thishiwe ziqubu

There is not one person that has fully achieved every single possible thing in their journey of self-improvement. We’re all trying to better ourselves somehow.NFWS1 Thishiwe

• how we spend our time
• how we relate with family, friends, lovers and others
• how we see ourselves
• how we treat our minds, bodies and souls
• how or where we work
• how much money we make
• how we spend
• how we eat and drink

Etcetera, etcetera.

Be it as ‘big’ as getting off drugs or as ‘small’ as spending less time vegetating on the couch, all efforts at change are necessary, laudable and challenging. (more…)

Sweating for happiness

By Sphelele Skhakhane

Healthy Lifestyle thishiwe ziqubuThe Oxford dictionary defines success as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Now, how can one disagree with the very same dictionary that brought us the definition of ‘bootylicious’? In my life, success has been a goal I’ve always wanted to attain in work, sport and play. Success is defined by you and only you. No-one else can do that for you.

The Thickness Experience: A Group Life Coaching Workshop (6-02-2016)

Enjoy the Thickness Experience with Professional Life Coach, Nothemba Mxenge on Saturday, the 6th of February 2016 from 9:00 to 15:00 at Conscious Healing Centre in Bryanston for R 450.

The topics that will covered in the workshop include:

  • Unpacking generational and cultural wounding that created “thickness experiences”

  • Understanding and accepting the real authentic person within

  • A space to be present, mindful and attentive to self 

  • Engaging in real talk about real issues thereby gaining  insights, ideas, motivation and inspiration

  • Creating a spark for deliberate and conscious investment in personal development

All are welcome i.e. men and women; young and old, as well as delegates who  have attended previous workshops!

Watch: Ngonyama Force Workout Series #1: Full Body Workout

Join the Ngonyama Force Workout Series, dedicated to beginning and mastering a fitness routine in a video series, this is the first installment as we are starting 0ff by getting our energy in shape and maintaining our fitness. Here is a short demonstration of a 45-minute full body workout designed by trainer Mandla Nhleko. It’s sure to get your heart racing, your body toned and your fire burning!

1. Warm 10 Minutes – Skip Rope
2. Tricep Dips (20 Reps) – two variations
3. Push-up to Renegade Row and Side Plank (12 Reps)
4. Squat to Forward Lunge with Side Twist (15 Reps)
5. Push-up, Side Mountain Climber into Superman (12 Reps)
6. Sit-Out to Bear Crawl, Burpee Forward and Reverse Lunge, Thrust back to push up (15 Reps)
7. Repeat as many as you can within 30 minutes
8. Cool down and stretch for minutes (5 minutes)

Appreciating (and surviving) your family

By Sphelele Sikhakhane

As they say, we don’t choose our family, they are given to us. Blessing to some and not so much to others but that’s a debate for another day.

Being an athlete is a choice that you make. Yes, we are given the talent but it is our decision whether we use the talent or not. For those us who chose to use that talent and follow our dreams, we have had to make an enormous amount of sacrifices to better ourselves.

I am an athlete and a physiotherapist for the basketball team, the Duzi Royals (shameless plug, yes!). The biggest sacrifice I’ve had to make is time away from home and away from family. Family is our backbone, in whatever we do. Countless hours spent training means time away from family. Family takes a backseat so that you can perfect your craft and become amazing. (more…)

Being who you are meant to be

It takes compassionate courage to be who you Are meant to be...

by Nothemba Mxenge

As a Professional Life Coach, I travel this long unwinding road where every turn, whether accidental or intentional, is the manifestation of the divine self. Throughout my career, I have learnt to find the courage to choose what is right for me and these are the lessons I impart through Epiphany Life Coaching.

In the beginning

My career started with my chemical engineering degree because my father gave me three options: Engineering, Law or Medicine. I chose Engineering because there was no engineer in the family, being the first Engineer and only Engineer seemed much more exciting. I have always been diligent, focussed, ambitious and goal-oriented in my approach to my studies and career, and so I moved up the ladder quite quickly. (more…)

Time for Change

by Mandla Nhleko

10373712_10205923461316485_2333510043066566964_nSome call me ‘Quadzilla’, some call me ‘Lean Crazy Machine’.

I have always been passionate about fitness. At a point in my life, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit a comfortable corporate job as a systems engineer to make fitness my career. I never looked back.

I find peace through exercise and success through discipline. I find joy through the progress of my clients. I encourage all to use exercise as a tool for fun and enjoyment rather than rely on substances such as drugs and alcohol for pleasure.

So, how can you make fitness a part of your life and succeed in staying fit? (more…)