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Watch: Ngonyama Force Workout Series #1: Full Body Workout

Join the Ngonyama Force Workout Series, dedicated to beginning and mastering a fitness routine in a video series, this is the first installment as we are starting 0ff by getting our energy in shape and maintaining our fitness. Here is a short demonstration of a 45-minute full body workout designed by trainer Mandla Nhleko. It’s sure to get your heart racing, your body toned and your fire burning!

1. Warm 10 Minutes – Skip Rope
2. Tricep Dips (20 Reps) – two variations
3. Push-up to Renegade Row and Side Plank (12 Reps)
4. Squat to Forward Lunge with Side Twist (15 Reps)
5. Push-up, Side Mountain Climber into Superman (12 Reps)
6. Sit-Out to Bear Crawl, Burpee Forward and Reverse Lunge, Thrust back to push up (15 Reps)
7. Repeat as many as you can within 30 minutes
8. Cool down and stretch for minutes (5 minutes)

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